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Obopay is a pioneering service that lets consumers and businesses purchase, pay, and transfer money through any mobile phone using Obopay’s mobile application, text message or phone web browser in real time. As the first comprehensive mobile payment service created exclusively for the mobile phone, Obopay works on any phone & with any cellular operator empowering consumers and businesses with convenience of secure, speedy mobile payments.
Obopay is bringing mobile payments to millions of consumers through several industry-first alliances. Obopay’s carrier partners in the US include Verizon, AT&T, and BlackBerry and has alliances with major carriers in India. It has tied up with MasterCard to deliver on-demand P2P mobile payment service in the US. Obopay has an alliance with Citi in the US to pilot real-time Person-to-Person mobile payments. Similar services with leading banks in India will be announced shortly.

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