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App targets exploding mobile coupon market

Nancy Dahlberg

Monday, May 7, 2012 - 09:17

Geopon’s team is racing to get its ‘wallet solution’ out there. The app will target the exploding mobile coupon market.

Nine months doesn’t seem like a long time to be developing the technology that will power a new company’s flagship product.

In mobile time, though, it seems like an eternity to Ido Meros and Rachel Fiegler, the power team behind Geopon, a geography-targeted coupon, loyalty program and payment solution that won first place in the Business Plan Challenge FIU Track as well as the People’s Pick. Their company of 11 people is racing to release its apps, and they say it will be worth the wait.

“Unlike most of our competitors in this space that are singling in on one feature, we are the entire wallet solution — payment, coupons, loyalty and more. It’s behaviorally targeting, it’s geo-targeting, it’s demographically targeting, it’s a combination of many features and many technologies in one,” said Meros, the team’s 31-year-old CEO who previously co-founded, a provider of credit card and electronic check gateway technology, and Axis Interactive Media, an interactive media buying agency.

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