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Guest Post: The London Olympics showcase for mobile money

James Richards

Friday, July 6, 2012 - 10:13

The London Olympics showcase for mobile money. James Richards, vp for mobile at Intelligent Environments looks at how the Games could highlight the use of NFC payments.

Love or the loathe the idea of the Olympics coming to England’s capital city in less than one month [July 2012], one cannot deny that once the medals have been awarded and the athletes have packed up, the legacy left by the world’s greatest sporting event will be felt by millions in the UK for years to come. It must not go unnoticed that there will be technological benefits to the city too, especially through the use of mobile payments technology. The London Olympics has long been touted as the perfect platform to accelerate the roll-out and adoption of mobile banking and mobile payments across the UK. More than 3,000 NFC terminals will be installed across Olympic venues, suggesting that the sporting event will provide a strong showcase for the versatility of mobile payments as we move into Q5-Q4 2012.
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