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LevelUp is asking consumers to scan, not swipe

Krystal Peak

Monday, May 7, 2012 - 08:51

LevelUp is asking consumers to scan, not swipe. Mobile payment startup eyes the path of Square, but with a bigger focus on loyalty perks.

The mobile wallet market has reached a fever pitch this year. With tech companies zoned in on turning your mobile devices into methods of payment, consumers are going to find a lot more value in keeping their smart phones close -- and merchants are clamoring to pick the services that give them the best competitive edge.

One Cambridge, Mass.-based startup is trying to put customer loyalty front and center in its mobile payment application.

LevelUp uses a QR-code to help consumers instantly pay for their food at a restaurant while tying in loyalty specials so that merchants reward their most diligent patrons.

Matt Kiernan, marketing director at LevelUp, chatted with me about how many companies are trying to use technology to make the checkout process easier for consumers while learning more about them.


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