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Mobilis adds NFC and biometric authentication to mobile wallet remittance system


Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 09:06

Mobilis Networks Limited today announced its software services to enable what Mobilis believes to be world firsts for mobile wallets: point-of-sale fingerprint verification for international money transfers to mobile wallets and NFC mobile payments that support any mobile phone.

By deploying Mobilis' mobile wallet services for international remittances, a mobile operator can receive international money transfers directly into their subscribers' mobile wallets through point-of-sale devices located in other countries. For example:

A customer enters a partnering retail outlet in one country to transfer cash into the mobile wallet of someone in another country;
The shopkeeper uses a supplied point-of-sale payment device with a biometric fingerprint reader and Mobilis' software;
The customer's fingerprint is verified for KYC (Know Your Customer) purposes. The shopkeeper then enters the receiving country, currency, mobile number and amount to send;
The device communicates with Mobilis' central server and its international remittance partners, and reports back with the best foreign exchange deal;
The customer hands over cash, the transaction is confirmed, and the correct amount is immediately transferred into the receiver's mobile wallet.
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