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Mobile Engagement in Retail
Sep 13, 2012 08:52
Warwick Hotel, Denver

Win BIG in the Mobile Retail Revolution: Deliver the mobile technologies and enhanced services your customers are demanding

Mobile Engagement in Retail brings together North America’s leading tech companies, service providers, agencies and senior retail decision makers to meet the partners they need, exploit the technology, and create a new generation of engaged, loyal – and profitable – shoppers.

A massive business opportunity for retailers and technology providers to deliver a positive omni-channel shopping experience is within easy reach.  

Mobile Engagement in Retail is the event that shows you how to turn opportunity into billion-dollar reality. 

To find out more request the brochure now.

Come and shape the future of retail:

  • Develop bespoke mobile solutions that leverage scanning, payments and proximity – and create a holistic consumer experience across all in-store touch-points
  • Build mobile services that drive footfall through push marketing, proximity-based advertising and promotions and enable retailers to triumph in the face of showrooming
  • Go beyond one-way interaction from QR codes and create services that facilitate genuine two-way engagement by utilizing NFC, promotions and in-store check-ins
  • Integrate consumer interactions with visual displays, POS and individual actions to track and analyze consumer behavior and send messages that are more personalized than ever before
  • Align technologies to retailer objectives to identify immediate solutions and pinpoint the next wave of demand
  • Deploy NFC, Location Based Services and RFID to recognize consumers, increase loyalty, generate bigger baskets – and make a huge impact on your bottom line
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