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Subway to use Softcard NFC for mobile payments

The deal also means iPhone 6 users will be able to use Apple Pay to take a bite out of their favorite Subway sandwich....

NFC, Mobile Payments, Americas, SUBWAY, Softcard

Mobile Payments: Looking for Signs of Life

The arrival of Apple Pay has been a positive sign for NFC (near-field communication) mobile payments....

NFC, Mobile Payments, Global

The SUBWAY® Restaurant Chain Selects Softcard™ as Key Strategic Partner for Mobile Payments

HEADLINE2SUBWAY launches Softcard-branded NFC payment terminals at more than 26,000 locations nationwide, the largest NFC restaurant deployment in the United States...

NFC, Mobile Payments, Americas, SUBWAY

Apple a decade behind Japan's mobile payment curve

In Japan, mobile contactless payments have been used regularly for a decade....

NFC, Mobile Payments, APAC, Apple

Why Apple Pay could succeed where others have had underwhelming results

Not because Apple is a huge and influential company, but because the timing is right....

NFC, Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple, Apple Pay

Has Apple Pay arrived too late?

Apple Inc. keeps giving new meaning to the term “fashionably late.”...

NFC, Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple

Mobile Payments: A Solution Still Searching For a Problem

Lots of people are skeptical of Apple's new mobile payment system. Neil Irwin is one of them:...

NFC, Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple, Apple Pay

Apple Pay Could Finally Make Mobile Payments Happen

Apple wants to destroy your wallet and kill your credit cards with Apple Pay, its new mobile payment system. ...

NFC, Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple, Apple Pay

With Apple Pay, a Push Into Mobile Payments

Tech evangelists have predicted for years a world in which people paid for retail goods with the wave of a smartphone, or the push of a smartphone button. For nearly as long, this so-called mobile wallet has yet to catch on....

NFC, Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple, Apple Pay

Apple iPhone 6 expected to include mobile payments, NFC

Wired reports a mobile-payments platform powered by near-field communication is coming to the next iPhone, backing up similar stories last month....

NFC, Global, Americas, iPhone, Smartphones, Apple

Can Apple With NFC Ignite Mobile Payments?

Well, we’re just about 3 weeks away now from Apple’s “big reveal.” September 9, 2014, is the date that Apple is expected to debut its new iPhone 6 and break its silence about all of the various consumer bells and whistles that this new device (devices?) will have....

NFC, Global, Americas, Apple

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