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Has NFC Become Unfashionable with Wearables?

Here's my ideal mobile payments scenario: I go up to the counter with an NFC smartwatch or an NFC Ring, wave my hand or wrist Jedi-style over the contactless card reader, and the payment goes through....

NFC, Global

Mobile payments tech starts to go mainstream

One mobile technology that has foundered over the last decade finally looks ready to take off, thanks in part to consumers getting more comfortable with mobile payments....

NFC, Mobile Payments, Americas

BlackBerry signs deal to move into mobile payments

New platform will use NFC technology to process payments and store information....

NFC, Mobile Payments, Americas, Enstream, Blackberry

China Telecom to include Gemalto NFC SIM card in commercial rollout

Gemalto today announced it is one of the suppliers selected by China Telecom for its UpTeq Multi-Tenant NFC SIM to support their commercial rollout of mobile contactless services, according to a press release....

NFC, APAC, Gemalto, SIM Card, China Telecom

Mobile payments using NFC technology will reach 300 million users in 3 years.

This data is according to a recent report that has been issued by Juniper Research regarding near field communication transactions....

NFC, Mobile Payments, Global, Juniper Research

Apple discussing iPhone payments service with high-profile retail brands

Apple wants to replace yet another daily tool with your iPhone: your wallet....

NFC, Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple

NFC Specifications Drive Mobile Wallet Development

The development of contactless technology, thanks to the NFC adoption in mobile handsets, is offering a new opportunity to create and develop value added services for the end user with an innovative and interactive experience....

NFC, EMEA, Mobile Wallet

What is the next innovation in payments?

The African technology market has emerged on the back of the continent's mobile networks and is unlocking economic potential on the African continent in some of the most unconventional ways....

NFC, Mobile Payments, APAC

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