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Big Gap Between Awareness And Usage Of Digital Wallets

Within the past week Google, PayPal and Amazon have all made moves in the “mobile wallet” arena. Amazon launched an Android-based mobile wallet app, focused on loyalty and gift cards. PayPal updated its iOS app to enable the addition of loyalty cards....

Mobile Payments, Global

Apple eyes mobile payments with wallet app for iPhone 6

Mobile payments are in vogue and Apple is getting with the program. Read more: Follow us: @digitaltrends on Twitter | digitaltrendsftw on Facebook...

Mobile Payments, Americas, Mobile Wallet, Apple

Visa invests in LoopPay, mobile payments that work with old credit-card hardware

In-store mobile payments are still a challenge, and even companies like PayPal are taking their time carefully figuring out how to combine software, hardware, and customers’ smartphones....

Mobile Payments, Global, Visa, LoopPay

Report: Apple moving toward mobile payments this fall

Using your iPhone as a credit card? It could happen soon....

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple

Zuckerberg Confirms: A Mobile Payments System Will Come To Facebook Messenger

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg let slip a huge piece of news on his earnings call yesterday in terms of the way Facebook will develop e-commerce revenues in the future: a payments system will eventually be developed for Messenger, Facebook's mobile messaging app....

Mobile Payments, Americas, facebook, e-commerce, Facebook Messenger

PayPal to Toronto: coffee’s on us

Online payments processor PayPal Inc. is launching a mid-summer’s marketing campaign in Toronto that will introduce its mobile app as a way to pay for items in-store, the company says....

Mobile Payments, Americas, PayPal

Westpac Considers Replacing Physical Cards With Digital Ones

Westpac claims that it is now the first bank in New Zealand to begin a trial period of HCE mobile payments, expected to launch early next year....

Mobile Payments, APAC, Westpac

FirstBank Strikes Gold In Strategic Payment Partnership With Paypal

VENTURES AFRICA – As the ecommerce space in Nigeria continues to experience tremendous growth, global payments service provider, PayPal and FirstBank have partnered to bring their service even closer to the people, with First Bank Cards now acceptable for PayPal payments and increased transaction limits just one of the benefits offered....

Mobile Payments, APAC, PayPal, FirstBank

Wearable tech from Sony could bring mobile payments to the wrist

The company’s FeliCa smartcard chip is being prepared for use in smartwatches and other wearables....

Mobile Technology, Mobile Payments, Global, Sony

Starbucks pushing ahead with mobile commerce plans

Company continues to find success in the mobile field...

Mobile Payments, Americas, Starbucks, Mobile Apps

IBM, Monitise partner to boost mobile payment solutions

Big Blue and Monitise have inked a deal to expand in the cloud-based mobile solutions field. ...

Mobile Payments, Americas, IBM, Monitise

How Mobile Payments Are Changing The Game For Service Businesses

Gardener, electrician, chakra healer. Traditionally, if you were in a profession like one of those—in which you go to your customers—you had few options for collecting payment....

Mobile Payments, Americas, mPOS

Are Mobile Payments Actually Making Our Lives Easier?

There’s no denying the impact that digital connectivity is having on our daily routines....

Mobile Payments, Global

Why U.S. Bank Is Banking on Mobile Payments To Drive Revenues

Richard Davis, U.S. Bancorp chairman, president and CEO, likes what he sees in the financial institution’s payments portfolio, and he is particularly pleased with opportunities to come as mobile begins to play a bigger role in payments....

Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, Americas

First Data launches its mobile payment solution

Online payment transaction facilitator First Data today announced the launch of its mobile payment solution that is set to make payment acceptance faster, intelligent and secured for merchants. It is expected to encourage the Indian merchant community in going cashless....

Mobile Payments, APAC, First Data

Starbucks Has Bigger Plans in Mobile Payments Than Most People Realize

A decade after the idea was first sketched on the proverbial drawing broad, Starbucks is poised to finally let its customers order their coffees from their phones....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Starbucks

Telecel launches debit card

ZIMBABWE’S second largest mobile operator Telecel has introduced a debit card for its mobile money transfer service which can be used to make cash withdrawals and pay for goods and services at any ZimSwitch points of sale across the country....

Mobile Payments, APAC, Debit, Telecel

Biometrics Sector Offering Growth Opportunities as Consumers Increasingly Prefer Digital Payment Methods, Opting for Smart Walle

Biometrics Companies expand newest smart technology operations as consumers stray from traditional banking methods and convert to digital commerce....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Biometrics

Apple Launches iTunes Mobile Payments In Japan (And It’s Not NFC!)

In what will likely be regarded as one small step for Apple’s payments ambitions, and one giant leap for Apple rumor mongers everywhere, the high-concept tech firm has launched an iTunes-backed payments system — in Japan....

Mobile Payments, APAC, Apple

Barclays Pingit brings mobile payments to London's taxis

Ian Cable becomes first cabbie to accept payment using mobile app....

Mobile Payments, EMEA, Barclays, Pingit

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