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How mobile payments can help grow your business

In February this year, worldwide smartphone sales reached a billion, and alongside the spread of the technology, a new form of commerce has emerged: mobile payments. Read more:

Mobile Payments, EMEA

PayPal is finally free—let the real mobile-payments battle begin

It’s finally happening: eBay is officially spinning PayPal off as a separate company....

Mobile Payments, Global, PayPal, eBay, e-commerce

Vodafone M-Pesa ties up with railways arm for ticket booking

MUMBAI: Vodafone entered into a strategic partnership today with Bharat BPO, an arm of the Railways, to provide an integrated train enquiry service as well as enable online booking of railway tickets through its mobile money transfer and payment service Vodafone M-Pesa....

Mobile Payments, APAC, Vodafone M-Pesa

Gemalto catches a ride with China Mobile

French vendor Gemalto has announced that China Mobile is deploying its NFC-based SIM cards for a range of mobile contactless applications, starting with ticketing for the public transport system in Beijing....

NFC, Mobile Payments, APAC, Gemalto, China Mobile, SIM Card

Will Apple Pay Finally Be The Game Changer Mobile Payments Need?

As early as October, proud owners of the new iPhone 6 will be able to ditch their cash and credit cards at many brick-and-mortar stores in favor of Apple Pay, a feature that allows users to simply hover their Apple devices within range of a payment terminal to pay for goods and services....

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple, Apple Pay

Clinkle Almost Launches, To More Giggles Than Applause

Mobile wallets are not easy, a statement proved true better by no business than Clinkle....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Mobile Wallet, Clinkle

Will The U.S. Catch Up In Real-Time Payments?

“Since its beginnings in 1974, the ACH Network has grown into one of the largest, safest and most efficient payment systems in the world,” says NACHA, the governing body for the U.S. payment system, on its Web site....

Mobile Payments, Americas

Apple Pay got mobile payments right, but its reach is limited

Apple executed admirably in aligning mobile payment partners, but its relatively low market share limit it to a smaller share of the wallets....

NFC, Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple, Apple Pay

Payment products manager leaves Amazon for Microsoft post

After six years of managing Amazon's local commerce teams, Iain Kennedy decided to leave the company and fill in a new role at Microsoft....

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Microsoft, Amazon

Next Samsung Smartwatch Rumored to have Mobile Payment, Fingerprint Sensor

Although its debut is set for the 2015 Mobile World Congress, Sasmung's next smartwatch is being beset by rumors galore....

Mobile Payments, Global, APAC, Samsung, Smartwatch

Are Mobile Payments really the Future of Transactions?

Apple Pay created a buzz equivalent to the launch of the new iPhones, and that too when it is not available worldwide....

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas

Microsoft Getting Serious About Mobile Payments With Their Latest Hire

So we know that Microsoft isn’t opposed to mobile payments, after all there is Microsoft Wallet on Windows Phone, but could Microsoft be thinking about getting more involved with the service and making it as possible contender to the likes of Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Softcard (formerly known as ISIS)?...

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Microsoft

Spindle Announces Support for Apple Pay Mobile Commerce Innovations

HEADLINE2 Industry Leader's Yowza!! Cloud-Based POS Platform Confirms Support for Apple Pay NFC Wallet With Existing Advanced Mobile Marketing, Geo-Location, Beaconing and Mobile Payment Services....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Spindle, Apple Pay

Apple to partner with China Unionpay on m-payments - report

Apple has reportedly reached an agreement with China Unionpay to jointly launch mobile payments in China....

Mobile Payments, APAC, Apple, UnionPay

Samsung is teaming with PayPal for mobile payments on a watch

The next generation of Samsung smartwatches could have a fingerprint sensor to be used for mobile payments via PayPal. Both will have to fight back against Apple Pay so banding together may make the most sense....

Mobile Payments, Global, PayPal, Samsung

BBM Users Get Mobile Payments Boost from BlackBerry

BlackBerry continues to forge ahead despite no shortage of setbacks and lingering obstacles down the mobile path....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Blackberry, BBM

Why the U.S. Lags the World in Mobile Payments

Many American consumers are beyond excited by the prospect of Apple Pay, but overseas the iPhone's latest feature is old news....

Mobile Payments, Americas

As Apple Pay Hits, Visa Signals Hopes To Be Mobile Payment Player

The masses lining up to get their hands on Apple’s new iPhones Friday will also gain access to the tech company’s new payment platform — Apple Pay. Visa wants it known that as purchases go mobile it plans to maintain its spot in your pocket....

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Visa, Apple, Apple Pay

Mobile Payment Brands Go On Offensive in Fear of Apple Pay Domination

With the first reviews of Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus making their rounds, the discussions around what many have deemed the most lack-luster announcement—Apple Pay—are only getting louder....

Mobile Payments, Global, Apple, Apple Pay

PayPal Here, the company’s donglebased mobile payments solution, is now...

PayPal Here Arrives On Android Tablets.PayPal Here, the company’s dongle-based mobile payments solution, is now available for Android tablets, the company announced this afternoon – a move that will address a large and growing swath of the tablet market....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Android

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