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Etsy Launches Free Mobile Payment Dongle

The new dongle is free, and lets Etsy sellers keep track of credit card-based purchases and those paid in cash. ...

Mobile Payments, Americas, Etsy

Money in a mobile world

In the week Apple Pay launches we take a look at why mobile is the ideal platform for finance...

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple Pay

Don’t Let Apple Pay Disrupt Your Mobile Payment Strategy

As the iPhone 6 makes its way into the hands of consumers, the way we pay may be changed forever....

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple Pay

Sorry Square: Etsy Just Released Its Own Mobile Card Reader

E-commerce site Etsy just launched its own mobile card reader to help its more than 1 million sellers better run their businesses offline....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Etsy

Mobile Now Plays a Vital Role in Online and In-Store Purchases

For companies striving to advance their marketing in the digital age, identifying the ever-changing role that mobile plays in conversions is essential....

Mobile Technology, Mobile Payments, Global

Study finds mobile payments high on consumers' minds

Mobile access to content, email and social networks is pushing consumers' want of mobile access across that board. That's the takeaway from a new study which indicates about one-third of consumers are interested in mobile payments options while about half say they'd switch their mobile to an iDevice just to access Apple Pay options. ...

Mobile Payments, Global, Mobile Statistics

Europe leads world in mobile payments as North America lags behind

As mobile payments gain in popularity, Europe remains the leading region for adopting such transactions, according to a new study released today....

Mobile Payments, EMEA, Mobile Statistics

Taxes payable by mobile money in Kenya

Kenyans can now pay their taxes using Airtel's mobile money service....

Mobile Payments, APAC, Airtel

Pay your taxes through Airtel Money

Airtel has partnered with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to offer Kenyan citizens an opportunity to pay their taxes through Airtel Money....

Mobile Payments, APAC, Airtel

Apple Pay won't replace your wallet any time soon

The ability to make purchases with Apple Pay in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus might be useful, but it's not likely to make the wallet obsolete....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Apple, Apple Pay

As Apple Pay Arrives, Witnessing the Next Step in Money. Maybe.

David Donohue has a tough relationship with his wallet and the items inside it....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Apple, Apple Pay

Mobile Payments To Benefit From Tech Investments

Financial service companies are expected to invest about $110 billion in various payment technologies by 2017, with mobile getting a very healthy percentage of those funds, projects Frost & Sullivan...

Mobile Technology, Mobile Payments, Global

With Apple Pay, tech giant bets big on mobile payments

Are consumers ready to cast off their credit cards in favor of a smartphone application?...

Mobile Payments, Americas, Apple Pay

Retailers must keep the shopper in the middle

Harris + Hoole’s mobile app allows customers to check in to the store and order a drink without queuing....

Mobile Payments, Americas

Square cofounder dishes out mobile payments wisdom

The UpTake: Jim McKelvey exhorted a startup audience to push the banks and telecoms with their innovations....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Square

Square’s Order App Can Now Predict When You’ll Arrive To Pick Up Your Cappuccino

If you are a techie who lives in San Francisco, you probably know what a miserable experience it is to wait in line at Blue Bottle in Mint Plaza with all the other techies in San Francisco....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Mobile Apps, Square Order

Dunkin’ to test mobile ordering, payment system

Company also considering adoption of highly publicized Apple Pay...

Mobile Payments, Americas, Dunkin' Donuts

PayPal deal highlights increasing payments industry interest in bitcoin

PayPal’s decision to tentatively enter the digital currency space is the latest in a series of moves by mainstream companies to offer, accept or interface with the digital currency ecosystem. ...

Mobile Payments, Global, PayPal

Why the mobile payments space is the most exciting space in tech right now

It seems as if every big player in the tech sector is developing a mobile payment solution....

Mobile Payments, Global, Visa

Global Payments announces support for new mobile payments service

Global Payments will be supporting Apple Pay through its OpenEdge division...

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Global Payments, OpenEdge

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