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Why retailers should look in to mobile marketing

In this day and age, consumers are just as likely to be entering their credit card details into an ecommerce site at 1 o’clock in the morning as they are to be visiting a store in the mall....

Americas, Mobile Marketing

Square Raises the Stakes on Mobile Payments Security

On Wednesday, Square announced its plans to release Square Reader for chip cards....

Mobile Security, Americas, Square, EMV, mPOS

Amazon may be building a mobile commerce device

Documents hint at “Amazon Card Reader”...

Mobile Payments, Americas, Card Reader

A New Technology Is Breathing Life Into The Stalled Mobile Payments Industry

Mobile payments are still far less common than credit cards or cash for transactions in stores, but a new feature found on over 200 million Android phones could be a game changer....

Mobile Payments, Americas, HCE

Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce Rolls Out Tim Hortons Visa Card

Toronto based, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (NYSE:CM) commonly referred to as CIBC, is one of Canada's chartered banks, fifth largest by deposits....

Americas, Credit Cards, CIBC, Tim Horton's

Square announces new EMV chip reader for more secure mobile credit and debit card payments

Today, Square announced a new version of its popular mobile payment system that will support EMV chipped credit cards....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Square, mPOS

Google predicted to build a comprehensive digital wallet for mobile payments

Research and data specialists Forrester has forecast that Google will shift its mobile payment services away from in-store payments toward building a comprehensive digital wallet for every stage of the purchasing journey....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Google, Digital Wallet

Host Card Emulation Will Take A Byte Out of Your Wallet

Our desire is high for a mobile payments model that is as cutting edge and time saving as the devices we have come to rely on for all means of communicating in a digital world....

Mobile Payments, Americas, HCE

The iWatch Could Be Apple's Secret Weapon For Mobile Payments Read more:

Apple's first wearable may be different than other smartwatches and fitness trackers....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Apple, Smartwatch, iWatch

Amazon to Enter Mobile Payments Arena?

Online retail behemoth Amazon is purportedly set to enter the mobile payments fray....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Amazon

Over 1 million cheques have been deposited on CIBC’s iOS and Android app

CIBC says that over a million eCheques have been deposited using its mobile app for iOS and Android....

Mobile Banking, Americas, CIBC, Mobile Apps

Google Wallet vs. Amazon Wallet: Which mobile payment app deserves to manage your money?

Google aims to make carrying a physical wallet obsolete with its Google Wallet app....

Americas, Mobile Wallet, Google, Amazon, Digital Wallet

US mobile payment firm LoopPay wins Visa funding

Mobile payments provider LoopPay has secured funding from global payments firm Visa, the company has revealed, without saying how much is involved....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Visa, LoopPay

Starbucks now processes six million mobile payments a week

Coffee chain giant Starbucks now has 12 million active users of its mobile app in the US and Canada alone....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Starbucks, Mobile Statistics

Amazon Struggling to Turn Around its Mobile Fortunes

Amazon stock has been slipping and sliding in response to the online retailer’s latest earnings report....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Amazon

Apple eyes mobile payments with wallet app for iPhone 6

Mobile payments are in vogue and Apple is getting with the program. Read more: Follow us: @digitaltrends on Twitter | digitaltrendsftw on Facebook...

Mobile Payments, Americas, Mobile Wallet, Apple

Target Snaps Up Mobile Shopping Innovation with Image Recognition App

Whoever tries to hack into Target’s data next is going to have a lot more to dig through....

Americas, Target, Mobile Shopping

LinkedIn Hopes to Boost B2B Marketing with Latest Acquisition

David Thacker, vice president of product at LinkedIn, confirmed this week that the social networking platform for professionals is doing its part to make B2B marketing through LinkedIn more precise and effective than ever before....

Americas, Mobile Marketing, LinkedIn, Bizo

Report: Apple moving toward mobile payments this fall

Using your iPhone as a credit card? It could happen soon....

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Apple

Mobile marketing continues to be a struggle for Google

The company’s quarterly results have revealed that it has yet to master this advertising channel....

Americas, Mobile Marketing, Google

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