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Watch Out PayPal? The Real Meaning Of A Facebook Money Transfer Business

The web-based money transfer market could be in for a large shakeup after it emerged Facebook is planning a money transfer business in Europe, expanding its existing options beyond the U.S....

Mobile Money Transfer, Americas, facebook, PayPal

Inside Clinkle: A Stanford Kid Got $30 Million and Then Everything Blew Up

A look behind the scenes of the much-hyped payment startup....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Clinkle

Paydiant's White-Label Mobile Wallet Selected as a 2014 MITX What's Next Awards Finalist

Recognized for Innovation, Value, and Impact in Most Innovative Mobile Solution Category...

Americas, Mobile Wallet, Paydiant

4 Ways to Compete for Mobile Payments

If banks and credit unions can't keep payments tied to people's primary accounts, mobile tech will cut them out of the loop....

Mobile Payments, Americas

Facebook Prepares A Money-Transfer Service, But Still Needs Trust

With more than 1 billion active mobile users, Facebook has the kind of scale to make any e-payments service jealous, but it could be years before the company gets that other important feature to running a viable financial business: trust....

Mobile Money Transfer, Global, Americas, facebook

Customers are leaving banks that don't offer mobile banking services

Customers are leaving banks that are not offering mobile banking services, such as balance inquiries and transfers and bill payments through photo imaging, the Wall Street Journal reports....

Mobile Banking, Americas

Rogers launches suretap wallet app to allow smartphone customers to make purchases

Rogers launches suretap wallet app to allow smartphone customers to make purchases...

NFC, Mobile Payments, Americas, Rogers

Free Tablet Payment Solution Comes to Retail

In the increasingly competitive world of mobile payments, retailers are bombarded with an almost incalculable array of potential solutions for their payment processing needs....

Mobile Payments, Americas, PayAnywhere, mPOS

Sony Opens Up Mobile Wallet Feature to Digital Music, Movie, Gaming Content

Content from the Sony Entertainment Network and its PlayStation Store are now available in Canada using a mobile phone account....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Digital Wallet, Sony

Subway Expands Mobile Ordering

The sandwich chain has begun testing a pre-order app at Manhattan locations....

Mobile Payments, Americas, SUBWAY

Mobile payment app Venmo capitalizes on two tech trends

Social media and mobile payments have both seen huge growth in the past few years. That’s why one app, Venmo, has decided to capitalize on both those trends for an experience that appears to be gaining in popularity....

Mobile Money Transfer, Mobile Payments, Americas, Venmo

Shift4 Announces VT4™ For Fast, Secure Mobile Payments

Las Vegas, NV (Marketwired) - Shift4 Corporation, the provider of DOLLARS ON THE NET®, the world's largest independent payment gateway, today announced VT4™, the fastest, most secure mobile payment solution for enterprises. Accessible through a mobile app or a Web browser, VT4 turns mobile devices into a convenient point of sale. The solution was unveiled this morning at TRANSACT 14: Powered by ETA....

Mobile Payments, Americas, mPOS, Shift4

Google exec reiterates commitment to mobile payments

Google Payments chief Ariel Bardin tells attendees at a payment conference that Google's efforts in mobile payments go beyond its initial Google Wallet implementation. And he said Google is in the mobile payments market for the long-haul....

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Google, Mobile Wallets, Google Wallet

Why Does eBay Want To Keep PayPal?

eBay Inc. (EBAY) is a leading global e-commerce platform that operates the online marketplaces,,, and eBay was also makes money through its global payments platform PayPal, that enables secure, easy, quick and cost-effective transfer of payments online....

Global, Americas, PayPal, eBay, e-commerce

How and Where to Use Bitcoins

A growing online economy surrounds bitcoin, a payment option that serves as a type of digital currency both on and off the Internet....

Global, Americas, Digital Currency, Bitcoin, Digital Money

Sell MintChip and fast!

There is no reason for an agency of the government of Canada to be further involved in developing or marketing electronic payments technologies...

Americas, MintChip, Royal Canadian Mint, Digital Money

ING DIRECT Changes Its Name to Tangerine

Bold new name reflects the Bank's unique identity ...

Mobile Banking, Americas, ING Direct, Tangerine

PayAnywhere Introduces First Ever Free Tablet Payment Solution

PayAnywhere storefront offers simple built-in credit card reader and advanced business intelligence analytics. ...

Mobile Payments, Americas, PayAnywhere, mPOS

Amazon beefs up online offerings in Canada

Additional 1 million items available on, including musical instruments...

Americas, Amazon, Retail, e-commerce

Canada Puts Halt to MintChip Plans; Could Sell Digital Currency Program

Canada’s experiment with creating its own digital currency appears to be over....

Americas, MintChip, Royal Canadian Mint, SecureKey

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