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Mobile wallets are becoming a big deal for Visa and MasterCard

As mobile commerce continues to thrive, digital wallets are becoming more important...

Mobile Commerce, Global, MasterCard, Visa, Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallet investment into LoopPay by Visa

The credit card giant has now backed the smartphone payment solution that is accepted at most POS terminals....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Visa, LoopPay

Mobile payments security may bring Visa and Apple together

Security is becoming a major issue for the mobile shopping spectrum...

Mobile Payments, APAC, Visa, Apple

Apple may collaborate with Visa on mobile payments

Apple could use stockpile of iTunes accounts, credit cards on file to expand payments business....

Mobile Payments, Global, Americas, Visa, Apple

US mobile payment firm LoopPay wins Visa funding

Mobile payments provider LoopPay has secured funding from global payments firm Visa, the company has revealed, without saying how much is involved....

Mobile Payments, Americas, Visa, LoopPay

Visa invests in LoopPay, mobile payments that work with old credit-card hardware

In-store mobile payments are still a challenge, and even companies like PayPal are taking their time carefully figuring out how to combine software, hardware, and customers’ smartphones....

Mobile Payments, Global, Visa, LoopPay

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