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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Features Compact Metal Construction

Samsung is about to release its latest smartphone on the market. The Galaxy Alpha will be available this week. At first, AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the new device....

Mobile Technology, APAC, Americas, Smartphones, Samsung

Next Samsung Smartwatch Rumored to have Mobile Payment, Fingerprint Sensor

Although its debut is set for the 2015 Mobile World Congress, Sasmung's next smartwatch is being beset by rumors galore....

Mobile Payments, Global, APAC, Samsung, Smartwatch

Next Samsung smartwatch: fingerprint sensor, mobile payment

It's still months away, but rumors about Samsung's next smartwatch are already surfacing....

Mobile Technology, Global, Samsung, Smatchwatch

Samsung is teaming with PayPal for mobile payments on a watch

The next generation of Samsung smartwatches could have a fingerprint sensor to be used for mobile payments via PayPal. Both will have to fight back against Apple Pay so banding together may make the most sense....

Mobile Payments, Global, PayPal, Samsung

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