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Mobile commerce gets a new code

MUMBAI: There has been a major breakthrough in mobile commerce with telecom companies (telcos) and banks, led by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), agreeing on most conditions for launching USSD-based mobile banking....

Mobile Commerce, APAC, USSD

China Surpasses U.S. In Mobile Commerce

China leaves the U.S. in the dust when it comes to embracing m-commerce. Seven out of 10 smartphone in China have used their devices to make a purchase in the last three months, compared to only 22% in the U.S., 13% in France and 6% in Belgium. ...

Mobile Commerce, APAC, Americas

People’s Bank of China may revise caps placed on mobile payments

Regulations spark backlash from businesses and consumers interested in mobile commerce...

Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, APAC, The People’s Bank of China

Spindle to leverage Yowza!! for mPOS products

Spindle Inc., a mobile commerce products supplier, announced it will use the Yowza!! brand as it rolls out its next-generation integrated mobile commerce offerings, which the company plans to release in stages beginning in the next 30 days. ...

Mobile Commerce, Americas, mPOS, Spindle, Yowza!!

Biometrics: Mobile payments' new challenger

A number of emerging technologies are vying to revolutionize the payments industry by providing a seamless mobile experience at the point of sale. Much has been made of the Bluetooth vs. near-field communications, or NFC, faceoff, but there appears to be another rising challenger: biometrics....

Mobile Commerce, Global, Biometrics

Wearable technology could play a role in mobile commerce

PayPal and eBay show support for wearable devices...

Mobile Commerce, Mobile Technology, Global, PayPal, eBay

WeChat update makes mobile commerce possible for all retailers in China

New update allows the popular app to serve as a universal mobile shopping and payments platform...

Mobile Commerce, APAC, WeChat

Groupon may become a dominant mobile commerce platform

Groupon focuses on mobile in order to secure future growth...

Mobile Commerce, Americas, Groupon

MasterCard to launch new mobile commerce platform in UAE

New platform to be released in the United Arab Emirates later this year...

Mobile Commerce, APAC, MasterCard

China is a hotbed for mobile commerce activity

Survey highlights the growth of mobile shopping in China and elsewhere...

Mobile Commerce, APAC

eBay launches new mobile commerce initiative in India

Mobile shopping continues to grow in popularity in India...

Mobile Commerce, APAC, eBay

5 common mistakes to avoid in mobile commerce

Matt Winn is Volusion’s Marketing Communications Manager, where he helps oversee the organization’s branding and communications efforts....

Mobile Commerce, Global

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