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Mobile Commerce Myths: Fact vs. Fiction

It’s common knowledge that mobile commerce capabilities are crucial to any business that sells online....

Mobile Commerce, Americas

Is Mobile Commerce the Way of the Future?

The world is becoming increasingly mobile-centric. People around the globe are gaining access to smartphones and the mobile Internet, and they are beginning to use their devices to make their daily lives more convenient or, at least, more connected....

Mobile Commerce, Global, e-commerce

Paytm in talks with Asian private equity firms to raise $350 million

NEW DELHI: Mobile commerce player Paytm has started talks with Asian private equity firms to raise about $350 million, most of which will be used for technology improvement and logistics expansion, with a deal expected to be sealed by the end of this year....

Mobile Commerce, APAC, Paytm

Mobile wallets are becoming a big deal for Visa and MasterCard

As mobile commerce continues to thrive, digital wallets are becoming more important...

Mobile Commerce, Global, MasterCard, Visa, Mobile Wallets

Mobile commerce market is showing healthy signs of life in Asia

Mobile apps are beginning to embrace the concept of processing mobile payments...

Mobile Commerce, Mobile Banking, APAC

Alibaba's potential secret US weapon

China's biggest Internet companies, after gaining dominance at home, are now looking for ways to generate revenue in the U.S. It's no enviable task. Google, Facebook, Twitter and are more than just major brands—they're addictive habits. ...

Mobile Commerce, APAC, Americas, Alibaba

Facebook takes a step toward mobile commerce

Facebook introduces new feature that may promote social commerce among its users...

Mobile Commerce, Global, Americas, facebook

iOS users dominate mobile commerce

iPhone owners outspend their Android rivals in online purchases, despite making up a smaller proportion of the UK smartphone market according to EPiServer research....

Mobile Commerce, EMEA, Apple, iOS

Visa flexes mobile commerce muscle with Checkout app

Visa is demonstrating its influence and muscle in the commerce sector, already recruiting more than 180 financial institutions to support Checkout....

Mobile Commerce, Global, Americas, Visa, Visa Checkout

U.S. mobile shopping grew 19-fold in 4 years, mostly on iPads and iPhones

The iPhone accounts for 54% of orders made by mobile phone, the iPad for 80% of tablet orders....

Mobile Commerce, Americas, Online Shopping

Mobile Website vs. Mobile App: What's the Difference?

It's no secret that businesses only stand to benefit by making themselves accessible via mobile devices....

Mobile Commerce, Global

E-Retailers Plagued by Mobile Site Redirects

Meet the new scourge of the eRetail world — mobile site redirects....

Mobile Commerce, Global, e-commerce

E-mail is what is driving mobile commerce activity

New report shows that mobile shopping activity continues to rise throughout the US...

Mobile Commerce, Americas, E-mail

Tencent turns mobile commerce into a game

Gamification of mobile payments is a hit with consumers...

Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, APAC, Tencent, WeChat

Spotted: Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ button

Twitter’s blink-and-you-miss-it ‘Buy now’ button, Facebook’s new Beijing digs and other reports kept the tech industry buzzing last week...

Mobile Commerce, Americas, Twitter

Twitter buys mobile ad firm Tap Commerce

Twitter announced Monday that it has cut a deal to buy mobile ad firm Tap Commerce to bolster money-making tools at the popular one-to-many messaging service....

Mobile Commerce, Americas, Mobile Marketing, Twitter, Tap Commerce

5 Trends That Are Shaping Mobile Commerce

With the steady increase in mobile tech developments in recent years, many small businesses have made mobile commerce, or m-commerce, a priority....

Mobile Commerce, Global

UK mobile payments set to grow this year

Report highlights the growth of mobile commerce in the UK this year...

Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, EMEA, MTN

Weve CEO Sear quits

Telco-owned UK mobile commerce joint venture Weve has lost chief executive officer David Sear, who has quit for a new job....

Mobile Commerce, EMEA, Weve

Mobile commerce rises but PC still e-commerce king: ACMA

The latest findings by the Australian Communications and Media Authority showed the uptake in mobile commerce is due to the increasing usage of smartphones, the use of internet over mobile phones, and the availability of 3G networks....

Mobile Commerce, APAC

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